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We bring the world of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians to your classroom.


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WE SPECIALIZE IN INTERDISCIPLINARY PRESENTATIONS that can include various subject areas.  For example, we have designed programs that pertain not only to history, art, and Latin, but also science, mathematics, industrial arts, and home economics. 

The history, culture, art, and architecture of antiquity COME ALIVE through our museum quality reproductions, role-playing, lectures, and multimedia presentations.  We will CUSTOMIZE each presentation to suit your students' age and educational backgrounds.  Go to OUR PROGRAMS page to read about some of the programs we have created.  The cost of each program varies according to the content, length, logistics, and materials provided for students and are negotiated on an individual basis (usually from $100 - $700).

Our goal is to provide your students with SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES to understand various accomplishments of the ancient world and realize how these ancient societies AFFECT OUR LIVES TODAY


Teacher Comments:

"Wow! What a wealth of knowledge -- a master of his subject."

"...makes me want to accumulate knowledge and artifacts for our new World History units!"

"I should have realized that items don't have to be originals to have an impact..."